CLIO Learning Modules
Study DesignSelectionSample SizeData Collection and AnalysisHuman Subjects

Human Subjects Population
Principle of Respect for Persons/ Informed Consent
Consent in special populations (communication-related)
Consent when coercion is possible
Principle of Beneficence
Potential Benefits
Potential Risks
High Risk Studies Module with Link
Medium Risk Studies Module with Link
Principle of Justice
Human Subjects
At the end of this section, you should be able to:
  • Classify enrollment procedures as to respect for persons (informed consent, vulnerability) criteria.
  • Classify study population and procedures as to beneficence (risk and benefit) criteria.
  • Evaluate risk to benefit.
  • Identify additional procedures to assure beneficence.
  • Classify study selection as to justice (subjects are representative of social benefit) criteria.

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